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Service by SEO Encompass

Increasing on-site production and launching an earned media campaign are necessary for the company to realize movement on its chosen keywords. The earned media campaign leverages both syndicated and non-syndicated methods to place content across a wide variety of relevant online domains.

Project Detail

Through targeted and persistent outreach, the PR team earns the placement of feature articles on blogs and other digital media outlets. This earned media is always relevant to the website’s content as well as its readership. The article usually features a link to Rackspace’s site and may include a brand mention. Other types of earned media can potentially include static or interactive infographics, social media mentions and shares, as well as traditional digital PR.

PR specialists stay up to date on industry news in order to produce the most relevant content for both the company and the audience of the site it is placed on.

Boosting Tool

Specialists maintain regular correspondence with niche influencers in addition to identifying new opportunities; personalized outreach is done primarily through email and social networks. SEO Encompass is used to help track the relationships established. It serves as an indicator that highlights specific sites where industry-specific audiences gather.

Using our tools, SEO Encompass is able to track more than 1,000 targeted keywords and determine share of voice for each keyword, receive recommendations for landing pages, and identify link-building opportunities.

11% CTR

15% Less CPA

157% ROI