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HP Cloud Service Improvement

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Organic search is a zero-sum game where some brands in the industry will take the preferred position at another brand’s expense. Content marketers and SEOs must keep producing content that users are looking for.

Project Detail

Starting with a site audit and Recommendations, they reviewed the site for technical issues and set up a regular cadence plan to address them, especially page load time. Next they used Data Cube to do a gap analysis to find new content to develop. Then they created keyword groups for tracking and page groups. Some of the topics were addressed in the 115 blog posts published in 2016. They developed a longtail strategy and created 95 pages on FAQs as well as popular content and SEO topics.

They redesigned the blog and increased the function of the content carousel. Operationally, they migrated the site over to HTTPS. And they dramatically increased the number of images per page. Lastly, they mapped 3 gated assets to every SEO landing page, which is an internal linking and basic content and lead generation strategy.

Boosting Tool

The basics of SEO are basics for all of us in every industry. If you have the right platform, do the fundamentals, and take a long-term view you will see organic progress, success, and ROI.

SEO Mentor

The results are just what any SEO would want to see: 218% in Page 1-ranked keywords, 61% increase in organic traffic, and 130% in organic leads.

14% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

Impressive Results

Learn how SEO Encompass used its platform and basic SEO best practices to grow organic traffic by 49%