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Dell Audience Monitoring

Service by SEO Encompass

What happens when the most trusted name in marketing teams up with America’s favorite retailer? High-quality, computers for the whole family, at a very approachable price point. That’s the idea behind Dell Laptops, a new concept available online. After working on a variety of brands within Dell for several years, the team entrusted their launch to our agency.

Project Detail

In 2017, Dell found that overall organic traffic to their website for non-branded keywords was very low. They had one product page with all of their features on it (more than 30 of them), but no detailed features page. Though the content was completely relevant, Google was unable to apply one theme to the page, which resulted in low or no rankings for any one specific keyword.

In the first year, organic traffic for non-branded keywords grew 8% along with improvement in conversions. Dell then rolled out individual feature pages for the remaining product features and now 63% of all non-brand organic traffic is attributed to the new individual feature pages.

Boosting Tool

Each of these pages was specific to not only one feature, but also to one of the non-branded keywords they wanted to rank for. We found these keywords through his analytics platform, Google Webmaster Tools, and our own marketing platform. We used our custom audit report to see how his test performed, not only in regard to traffic gain, but also to see if and how Adobe was able to capture a larger slice of the pie from its competitors.

Impressive Results

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18% CTR

25% Less CPA

450% ROI